The Gals

Amanda Albee is an upcoming junior majoring in journalism with a minor in fashion merchandising. Harry Potter changed her life, and she is lactose intolerant, but still eats cheese every day. 



Ayanna Craig is an upcoming senior majoring in journalism. She is a member of National Society of Leadership and Newsource. Her favorite movie is Zenon:  Girl of the 21st century, but was not born in the 21st century.  



Grace Williamson is an upcoming sophomore majoring in journalism with an English minor. She is a writer for UGAzine. She learned how to rollerblade when she was 7 years old.



Jane Snyder is an upcoming junior double majoring in journalism and women’s studies. She is a photographer for UGAzine and InfUsion Magazine. She likes cats and Susan B. Anthony.IMG_7962


Kristen Monson is an upcoming senior double majoring in advertising and consumer journalism with a minor in fashion merchandising. She is an Office of International Abroad Peer Advisor. She likes her applesauce room temperature, and reads about serial killers in her free time.



Elizabeth Chambers is an upcoming junior majoring in journalism with minors in communications and women’s studies.  She writes and photographs for Spoon University. She likes to make memes in her free time.



Madison Gable is an upcoming Sophomore majoring in Journalism. She has been mistaken as Amy Schumer, and does not pay for European bathrooms.



McGee Nall is an upcoming Senior majoring in Journalism with a Theatre minor. Writes for the Red and Black, and is a Global Grady Ambassador.  Has never been to Wisconsin, but thinks cheddar cheese “is fine.”



Molly Harris is an upcoming Senior majoring in Public Relations. She writes for Paste magazine. She loves the TV show Frasier, but does not like hard boiled eggs.



Nicole Pena is an upcoming Junior majoring in Advertising with a Sociology minor. She cries when she laughs. She is afraid of butterflies, because of Spongebob Squarepants.



Sona Rao is an upcoming Senior majoring in Management Information Systems. She is a Promotions editor for PreMed Magazine. She likes being a vegetarian, but does not know how to dive.



Taylor Gordy is an upcoming Junior double majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. She is a Public Relations intern for Office of International Education. She loves her steak medium-well, and loves Germans.