First Impressions


Upon entering Zagreb, the students initially noticed the city’s graffiti’d outskirts and the cool, gray skies that outlined the wide variety of foreign influenced architecture. More time here and the opportunity to travel Zagreb by food brought on another round of impressions as students discovered the history of Zagreb’s array of colorful buildings, as well as the lives of the people living in them. Students gained an appreciate for the local’s mindfulness and related natures as they explored Zagreb’s art, food, and theatre scenes.

Grady’s Travel Writing Croatia program opened with dinner to introduce both students and instructors. Our first day included a tour of the city to get acquainted with the layout of Zagreb’s upper and lower towns. Highlights of the tour included the Green Horseshoe park, Dolac– the market, and St. Mark’s Cathedral. As the week continued, we dove head first into the process of travel writing and understanding our new home. After hearing speakers and discussing their areas of expertise, we were able to approach reporting on Zagreb with a basis of knowledge.

Vecernjilist, Zagreb’s Newspaper, was kind enough to publish a story about our team along with our initial impressions of the city.