Five Stores to Dress Like a Woman in Zagreb

By Nicole Peña

Black leather jackets protect the young women from the cool breeze in Zagreb. The women, who walk the cobblestone streets, with their simple yet classic outfits, consisting of a t-shirt and jeans, emit a sense of laid-back confidence and coolness. Leather jackets and comfortable sneakers seem to dress most of the young women in Zagreb in the spring, but each outfit differs with its own added flare.

Fashion contributes to a first impression. The women in Zagreb are intriguing to observe, because they clearly take their style seriously. Tihana Friŝčić, a salesperson from Springfield, says, “Fashion comes from a lot of places. Trends and celebrities are big like Maja Šuput.” It is not necessary to travel to only popular fashion destinations like Milan to find what is in fashion. The 5 stores covered here are not exclusive to Croatia, but the clothing displayed and sold are reflective of the Zagreb fashion trends.

1. Springfield – Jeans


White exposed brick walls display colorful dresses and classic jeans. The store is calm and inviting. Jeans are a staple in an outfit for women in Zagreb. It is uncommon to see women in shorts and dresses, so wearing jeans will be the best go-to. Though the Spanish store is relatively small, it has a lot of variety. The store has bohemian styles that come in warm rich colors that seem to be inspired by Spanish fashion trends. So aside from jeans, there are plenty of nice clothing items. Prices for jeans are around 187 Kn ($27.78 USD).

2. Terranova – Casual Tops

The busy store has nearly everything you could be looking for at cheap prices, but what it is best for is tops. Terrenova carries simple and intricate tops that can be seen on many of the young women, as casual t-shirts and tops are prominent in the style of Zagreb. You can find great basic tops from around 45 Kn ($6.73 USD) on the bottom two floors of the three-story shop. The clothes are trendy without lacking too much in quality, but while also having an edgy yet bohemian twist that is popular in Zagreb. One can find clothing for all ages and genders in Terranova.

3. Calliope – Bags/Purses


A purse can be vital for a woman in Zagreb. With all the walking throughout the day, women need something that is practical and holds everything that they need. Young women will often be seen wearing medium sized purses that fit comfortably on their shoulder. When walking into Calliope, colorful yet neutral outfits are seen against the walls in this Italian store. On one wall you might see an olive green dress with a light-wash denim jacket and brown purse and on the other a black and white dress and black leather jacket with a bright red fringe purse. The bags at Calliope start at around 130 Kn ($19.49 USD). The women in Calliope all have different styles and are all different ages, which goes to show that this could be a favorite for any woman. Calliope also has a lot of offers and sales available.

4. Shoebox – Sneakers

Bright white shelves line the walls at Shoebox and hold an assortment of brand named shoes. On either side you can see the names Lucky Brand, Superga and Jessica Simpson. The shoes here vary from sneakers to high heels, but it is evident that shoes need to be comfortable for the women of Zagreb, and this is why sneakers are the preferred shoes. The shoes in Shoebox are all brand names, so you should expect to spend at least 300 Kn ($44.87 USD) on a pair of shoes here.

5. Zara – Leather Jacket

The women that work at Zara walk around in structured black suits over sleek white shirts and wear white sneakers. In contrast, the metal racks found all around the store are hung with a variety of detailed dresses, jackets and tops in a several colors. Leather jackets are the focus here, as leather jackets seem to be the most common standout piece on women in Zagreb. Zara has three floors, where the first two are women’s. The second floor, however, also has children’s clothing. You can find a well-made leather jacket in many different styles and colors at around 350 Kn ($52.33 USD), and this jacket will last for many years.

You can expect to find something you like at any of these stores whether you decide on a classic pair of everyday jeans from Springfield or to incorporate a leather jacket or trendy sneakers into your own wardrobe. Whether you choose to fit in or stand out, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have options in Zagreb.


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