Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall: The Karlovac Chamber Orchestra

By Ayanna Craig


As Plato once stated, “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” This is evident in the wide range of free entry performances in various styles of music that Blagoje Bersa concert hall presents. Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall reaches out to travelers, locals and anyone who appreciates the art of music. In this concert hall, the Karlovac Chamber Orchestra had its 30th anniversary performance which exhibited the art of classical music that students will master upon completion of the Karlovac Music Academy. This event ultimately allows one to embody the culture of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, through the sound of instruments.


Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall, located on Maršala Tita 12, is a musical academy in Zagreb that features musicians in competition and entertainment. The newly inaugurated building will host the most popular upcoming musical events such as the Zagreb Guitar Festival, the world-famous jazz pianist David Gazarov and German Henschel String Quartet, winner of the best musical performance at the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival.  On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, The Karlovačkog Komornog Orchestra hosted its 30-year anniversary concert. Directed by Veton Marevci, the orchestra featured musical professors showcasing their expert talent. With free entry open to the public, locals and travelers can connect with Zagreb in a way that differs from simply walking the city. Audiences will have the opportunity to hear the educators of Zagreb’s rising generation of musicians, as they present their talent live in concert.

Guests are greeted, jackets and coats are checked, and programs of the evening’s event are distributed. Anything goes, there is no dress code for this event as audience members wore jeans or were elegantly dressed. People make their way into the auditorium filled with velvet red cushion seating just below the light brown hard wood stage. Bright pale lights hit the stage as the concert is introduced with a group of string instruments performing various styles of music. As the concert begins, audience members hear pieces featuring saxophone soloist Ivor Reljić, followed by piano soloist Monika Trgovčević. One will become emotionally invested in the show as each musician shows facial expressions and enthusiasm as they play their instrument. Monika Trgovčević shared that she has been playing for 18 years and is now a music professor at age 26.

Music is the language of the world, an alternative form of communication that influences creativity, triggers emotions and serves as a universal subject that can express culture. When traveling to a new country it is important to recognize the various forms of art that is unique to the area. Similar to observing a monument or painting, music is a reflection of a region’s history and diversity, especially in Zagreb, Croatia.


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